GESIPA® PRO BT 18V Li Ion Battery Rivet Tool – setting Bulb-Tite® rivets up to 7.7mm ø

Brand : GESIPA

Product Code: GT-PROBT-L2

The Gesipa® Pro BT battery rivet gun has all the features to install Bulb-Tite® rivets up to 7.7mm ø. It is designed for both on-site installation and heavy industrial production work. It features a faster and more powerful brushless DC (BLDC) motor for increased work flow (4x faster than other battery tools) and longer service life. This tool boasts a remarkable 10KN pulling power.


  • Stroke increased to 25mm
  • Adjustable LED lighting to suit various work environments
  • Readily accessible nosepieces and hex key
  • Optional autoreverse function shortens the pulling process
  • Mandrel collection system - gravity controlled evacuation of spent mandrels
  • New sliding 18 volt Li-lon battery with charging indicator
  • One or two battery kit, supplied in a lightweight plastic carry case with charger

Product Specification

  • Weight (with battery) : 2 kg
  • Length : 279 mm
  • Operating Voltage : 18 V DC
  • Pulling Force : 10,000 N
  • Stoke : 25 mm